About Us

Image: Members of the Association of Certificated Field Archaeologists surveying a site on Ben Hynish, Tiree

The Inner Hebridean islands of Tiree and Coll have been the subject of a surprising amount of archaeological investigations. But the recovered material, recordings, papers, and images have never been collected in one place. This database attempts to do this, although our work will never be complete.

We do know that a tanged flint found in 1911 in Balevullin, Tiree, is likely to date from the Upper Palaeolithic; a Mesolithic camp was discovered at Fiskary, Coll; Tiree has 23 panels of Late Neolithic/Early Bronze Age rock art; a Beaker grave was excavated at Sorisdale, Coll; an Early Bronze Age cast was excavated at Kirkapol, Tiree; Mackie excavate a superb example of a broch at Dùn Mòr, Vaul, in 1963–4; Coll has a number of impressive crannogs; and Ben Hynish, Tiree, has recently-surveyed prehistoric and Medieval field systems.