Chapel and burial ground (possible): Port an Duine

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From Moore and Wilson (2002):

C51, Map 9
NM 12586 52070
Port an Duine (N)
Structural remains, possible site of early chapel and burial ground
<50m from coast edge
The much reduced footings of a building occupy an area of level ground between two rock outcrops. Rectangular or subrectangular in plan, it measures 11m by 6m and is aligned NE-SW. Much of the walls have been reduced to piles of stony rubble but in places they stand up to 0.4m high. The remnants of a field boundary run along part of the seaward edge of the building. It may be of interest to note that it has been alleged that there is a chapel and burial ground site in this area. Beveridge identified a possible site within this general area (1903), possibly even the same structure as is recorded here.The location of the alleged chapel site was not found either by Beveridge or by RCAHMS and OS surveyors but is noted as site NM15SW10. The possibility that these remains may represent an early chapel cannot be discounted from surface examination alone. A survey of the area, preferably incorporating remote sensing techniques, could be considered.

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