Crannogs on Coll: 1995 DES listing, Holley

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Crannog Survey (Coll parish)

NM 1744 5845 Oval area with substantial causeway.

NM 1561 5303 Oval mound set in marshy area; post-1903 ‘howking’ [draining].

Dun Anlaimh
NM 18845684 Oval stone-covered mound with three buildings and substantial causeway.

Loch Anlaimh
NM 18855581 Circular mound with substantial causeway. Saddle quern.

Loch Cliad no.1
NM 2072 5878 Circular mound

Loch Cliad no.2
NM 2074 5883 Oval mound with three buildings and causeway.

Loch Cliad no.3
NM 2085 5847 Circular turf-covered mound with slight causeway. Three buildings.

Loch an Duin
NM 2125 5781 Oval mound, two platforms and well-preserved perimeter walling. Causeway.

Loch Fada
NM 2558 6203 Circular mound with no causeway.

Loch na Cloiche
NM 2406 6106 Circular mound, no causeway.

Loch Urbhaig
NM 2310 5778 Natural base with platform.

Sponsors: Univ of Edinburgh Dept of Archaeology, Holley & Assoc

Discovery and Excavation in Scotland 1995, p. 61

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