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Inner Hebrides Archaeological Project: Tiree Atlantic Roundhouses Surveys Darko Maričević, University of Reading

The following surveys of Atlantic roundhouses on Tiree were conducted in the summer of 2007 in the course of now completed PhD research into the later prehistory of Tiree and Coll. A magnetometry survey was conducted with a Bartington Grad601 dual sensor gradiometer in zigzag mode at 0.5m traverse spacing and 0.25m interval reading. Resistivity surveys were conducted with the Geoscan RM15 resistivity meter with twin probe array, mobile probe span 0.5 m, traverse spacing 0.5 m, interval reading 0.5 m.
NM 03903 43345, NM 03909 43376, NM 03935 43372, NM 03925 43345: Dùn Heanish
Resistivity survey was conducted over the area occupied by the denuded remains of the Atlantic roundhouse and its outworks. Survey proved the suspected presence of the intramural chamber or gallery in the eastern part of the wall arc, and also in the N and the W. It is not certain whether the results show a continuous gallery interrupted by masonry rubble concentrations or three separate intramural chambers. Survey has also revealed structural anomalies relating to the secondary occupation, both in the interior of the roundhouse and in the outwork.

Discovery and Excavation in Scotland 2009, 51–2.

Beveridge, E. (1903) ‘Tiree and Coll’. p. 87.

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