Dun Mor Vaul: MacKie reports and evaluations

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This well-preserved Tiree broch was excavated in 1963–4 by Euan MacKie. The full account of the excavation is given in his 1974 book:
MacKie, E (1974) Dun Mor Vaul: An Iron Age Broch on Tiree. Glasgow University

MacKie, E. (1997) Dun Mor Vaul Revisited in Archaeology of Argyll ed G. Ritchie. EUP. 141–181
See Ashmore, P. Radiocarbon dates from archaeological sites in Argyll and Arran. pp. 236–283 in same volume.

MacKie, E. (1965) Brochs and the Hebridean Iron Age. Antiquity, 39, 156, pp. 266–278.

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