Forts, duns and brochs of Tiree

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Only one of these structures (Dun Mor Vaul) has been completely excavated, but pottery finds, and one carbon date (Dunan Nighean) strongly suggest that these are predominantly Iron Age.

Twenty-one definite: (ones that are relatively easy to get to are marked *)

Dun Beag a’ Chaolais, Caolas
Dun Mor a’ Chaolais, Caolas *
Dun Sgibinis, Ruaig *
Dun an t-Sithein, Gott
Dun Heanish, Heanish *
Dun Ibrig, Baugh
Dun na Cleite, Hynish *
Dun Hiader, West Hynish *
Dunan Nighean, Balephuil *
Dun nan Gall, Kenavara
Dun An Eilein Dubh, Kenavara
Dun Hanais, Kilkenneth *
Dun Boraige Moire, Hough/Balevullin *
Dun Boraige Bige, Balevulin *
Dun Beannaig, Kilmoluaig *
Dun Ceann a Bhaigh, Kenovay
Dun Balephetrish *
An Dun, Balephetrish *
Dun Mor Vaul *
Dun Beag Vaul *
An Dunan, Salum *

Six possible duns and forts:

Dun Otter, Soay, Ruaig *
Dun Gott, Gott *
Am Barradhu, Hynish *
Eilean na Ba, Kenavara *
Cnoc Carrastaoin

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