Geophysical survey on Balevullin machair

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Balevullin machair, Tiree
Geophysical survey
Darko Maričević – University of Reading
NL 95650 47232 and NL 95713 47182 A number of circular
and sub-circular features suggesting possible prehistoric
settlement have been identified through systematic inspection
of 25cm aerial imagery. The features in question on Balevullin
machair are in the general area of the Iron Age settlement
excavated by Henderson Bishop in 1912 and published by
MacKie (1965), which was never precisely located.
Two circular rings visible in the aerial imagery were
targeted by geophysical survey. Two 20 x 20m electrical
resistance grid were surveyed, 6–10 October 2017, using a
Geoscan RM15 resistance meter with 0.5m probe spacing,
0.5m traverse spacing and 0.5m reading intervals. The results
of the survey were inconclusive and would benefit from a
different geophysical technique.
Archive: An Iohdlann Archive and Museum, Scarinish, Tiree
Funder: The Catherine Mackichan Trust, An Iohdlann Archive and
(Discovery and Excavation in Scotland (2017) 18, p. 62.)

The photograph shows Flora MacArthur, Moss, and Bella Trythall, Cornaigmore.

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