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There are nine accessions, made up of twelve artefacts) from Tiree in the Inveraray Castle displayed collection

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19. Two silver and bronze pins with ‘winged’ heads found on Tiree. These pins are very unusual and difficult to date.
22. A bronze pin found at Balephuil, Tiree.
23. Four bronze pins (early Medieval) found by Lord Lorne (John Campbell, 9th Duke of Argyll) near Balevullin, Tiree in 1884.
24. A bone or antler pin found on Tiree in 1910.
26. A bone pin found in Balemeanoch church yard in 1904.
27. A bodkin made of walrus ivory found on Tiree.
41. A crucifix of bone or ivory which was found in a sand bank in Kilmoluaig, Tiree.
50. A rubbing stone found near Balephuil, Tiree. Rubbing stones were used to treat colic.
In gardens: Kirkapol cross

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