Kerbed cairn, Gott

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Inner Hebrides Archaeological Project – Tiree Mounds Geophysical and field surveys Darko Maričević, University of Reading

NM 0359 4540 Beinn Ghott
Kerbed cairn situated in an improved field some 150 m E from Dún an t-Sithein (NM04NW 15). The cairn is in a relatively good state of preservation. It is 4 m in diameter and not more than 0.3 m high. At least eight kerb stones (0.3–0.5 m in size) survive on the northern side of the cairn. A small standing stone, 0.5 m high, protrudes through the cairn material at the SE edge of the cairn. This marker stone arrangement has a close parallel with the kerbed cairn on Fuday, off Barra (Branigan and Foster 2002).

Discovery and Excavation in Scotland 2009, 51–2.

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