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Mr and Mrs E R Cregeen
NM/043475. On directions given by Mr J. MacKinnon, of Kirkapoll Lodge Farm, two crosses were found engraved on the surface of outcropping rock 70 yds. N. of the smaller church. Both were of similar type, the arms being short in relation to the shaft and placed near the top of the shaft. On a S.-facing surface the cross is engraved 1/2 in. deep and 1 in. wide. The shaft is 21 ins. high, the arms 8 ins. across and only 4 ins. from the top of the shaft. The right arm is slightly longer than the left. On an E.-facing rock surface 20 yds. from this last is a cross, less deeply but more finely engraved. The shaft is 16 ins. high, the arms 8 ins. across, placed 5 ins. from the top of the shaft. The ends of the arms and the shaft expand.

A few yds. E. of the SE. corner of the modern cemetery, and by the side of a field dyke, is a rough granite slab, bearing two incised crosses end to end, of early type. One is a Latin cross, 12 ins. long and 8 ins. wide, with expanded ends. The shaft and arms of the other cross, measuring 12 by 13 ins., terminate in extravagantly long cross-pieces.

Discovery and Excavation in Scotland 1958, pp. 10–12.

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