Mounds, Torastan

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Inner Hebrides Archaeological Project
Darko Maričević – University of Reading

NM 2327 6266 Uchd na Carn, Torastan
At least two stony mounds, which could be prehistoric burial cairns, are present at Uchd na Carn. The smaller of the two is recorded as NM26SW 28, but a larger mound (c1.5m high) 150m to the W (brought to my attention by local residents) has not been independently recorded. The mounds are situated among hummocky grassed-over dunes and are difficult to
distinguish, the only giveaway being the stony content which is barely visible on the surface. The larger could be the burial mound described by Beveridge as being open in 1896 (Beveridge 1903, 37), and not recognised by OS in 1972 (NM26SW 7). There is a well defined bank enclosure, c20 x 20m, 80m to the SW.
Archive: University of Reading
Funder: AHRC; An Iodhlann Archive and Museum, Tiree; SHES,
University of Reading

Discovery and Excavation in Scotland 2009, p.34–5

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