Port an t-Saoir: buildings and middens

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Port an t-Saoir (Coll parish) M W Holley, K Polson
Deserted settlement
NM 1503 5489 Remains of nine sub-rectangular, round- angled buildings were discovered near the edge of a small lochan located 200m behind the beach at Port an t-Saoir. One of the structures is divided diagonally by a stream and is probably the remains of a mill.
Sponsors: Edinburgh University Archaeology Department,
Holley & Associates

Port an t-Saoir (Coll parish) M W Holley
Exposed land surface, shell middens, pottery spread
NM 1490 5494, NM 1498 5494 Behind the beach, 200m S of Port an t-Saoir, amid the machair sand dunes, an old land surface has been exposed by wind erosion. Two oval shell middens, measuring 11 x 45m and 10 x 52m, have been exposed and were covered with spreads of shells, reddish-brown pottery sherds, iron slag, glass, flints and hammerstones. Over 400 sherds of pottery of various shapes, sizes, and colours were collected as well as four cores of flint and five blades. Several iron artefacts, including two nails, a fishing hook and a diamond-
shaped ornament, were also recovered.
Sponsors: Edinburgh University Archaeology Department,
Holley & Associates.

Discovery and Excavation in Scotland 1996, pp. 15–6

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