Pottery, Salum

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Collection of 15 fragments of pottery found at Salum beach by Charles MacDonell in 2011, including part of the base of a pot and a fragment with hatch markings. Stored in box with 2010.35.1.

Large collection of prehistoric pottery fragments from Salum beach collected by Charles MacDonell in 2009. Fragments up to 12cm long and some decorated.

Printout of an email from archaelogist Tom Dawson, University of St. Andrews, to Charles MacDonell regarding the likely history and points of interest of a large collection of prehistoric pottery fragments (2010.35.1) found at Salum beach in 2009.

Large fragment of pottery with a hole drilled through collected by Charles MacDonnell from Salum beach in 2009, and possible explanation of its purpose by Ian Hewitt of Bournemouth University: may have been used as a beehive, the holes being for ventilation. It may also have been a ceramic milk strainer used in cattle husbandry.
But see paper on craggans. This hole is found in butter-making churns.

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Charles MacDonell

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