Ruin above the Ringing Stone

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This substantial ruin on the raised beach above the Ringing Stone is enigmatic. It is not marked on Turnbull 1768 map, or on the 1st edition of the OS in 1878. It is likely to be medieval. It sits on a large platform.

This is the SCAPE Report entry (Moore and Wilson 2002):

T63, Map 14
NM 02756 48591
Loch Dubh a Gharraidh Fail (NE of)
Structure, enclosure, mound, cultivations, boundary
<100m from coast edge
The grassed over footings of a rectangular building lie between a freshwater loch and the shore. The building measures 14m by 7m externally and 11m by 4m internally. It is aligned E-W. The side walls are slightly bowed towards the center and the end walls are rounded. The walls are generally 1.5m in width. There are two opposing entrances at the W end of the building. The floor level inside lies some 1m below the top of the walls. There is the suggestion of a 1m wide bench or similar feature along the S and W walls. This may be the remains of a blackhouse, although the bowed walls and possible internal bench could suggest that it is a house of the Norse period, while the E-W alignment and associated enclosure could indicate that it is the site of an early church. (ii) The building is partially surrounded by an L- shaped enclosure defined by a grassy bank. This measures 45m across at its widest point. (iii) Traces of old cultivations are visible to the E of the building but these do not encroach on the enclosure or struc- ture. (iv) A small mound to the W measures 4m in diameter and stands up to 0.3m high. It may be a clearance cairn but appears to have a kerb built of larger stones. (v) A earthen boundary bank connects with the enclosure and runs off to the E. This is 2.5m wide and stands up to 0.4m high. This site is not threatened but would be a suitable candidate for more intensive field survey and assessment.

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