Coastal Zone Assessment Survey on the Islands of Coll and Tiree: SCAPE

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‘This report documents the findings of a coastal zone assessment survey carried out on the islands of Coll and Tiree in 2001. The aims of this work were to gather specific data on the nature and present condition of the coastal archaeological resource and to assess the nature and degree of future risk. Similar programmes have been carried out along other coastlines in Scotland and the combined results are currently being assessed in order to determine future management strategies.’ Hazel Moore and Graeme Wilson, EASE Archaeology 2002

Coastal zone assessment survey
H Moore, G Wilson, M Carruther
(EASE Archaeology)
NM 00 45 (area) A survey of the coast of Tiree was conducted in November 2001. A 50–100 m strip was investigated around the entire coastline for the presence of built heritage and archaeological remains. A total of 141 sites were found, of which 85 represent previously unrecorded remains. Of particular interest are a possible prehistoric enclosure and field system at Port Snoig (NL 9710 3881) and a possible Norse settlement or chapel at Loch Dubh a Gharaidh Fail (NM 0275 4859).
Observations on the coastal geomorphology and hinterland geology were also recorded. As part of this project, a programme of public outreach, including basicvarchaeological training, was carried out in association with local residents.

Discovery and Excavation in Scotland 2002, p. 25

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