Triskele, Balemartine

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This rock carving was discovered by a visitor Penny Capewell in 2019 on a flat, vertical face of an outcrop at the shore at Balemartine, just below the spring high tide mark, and 50 m east of the small 1846 pier. It is about 25 cm in diameter.
‘The triple spiral/triskele motif is a ‘Passage Grave Art’ symbol dating to the Late Neolithic (late 4th/early 3rd millennium BC), with the best example in the passage grave in Newgrange. There are one or two versions of this in Scotland from Late Neolithic tombs in Orkney and a possible attempt at one on Achnabrek in Kilmartin’ (Tertia Barnett). This carving, however, has been made with a metal tool and is likely to be a modern reproduction. Local people have not seen it before, possibly because it was hidden by sand.

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